Class Parents

The Class Parent is a fun and interactive liaison role between class teachers and families. It’s a great way to get to know your child’s class, your teacher and become involved in the Mowbray Public School community. Class Parents may be asked to perform different jobs:

Mowbray Public School P&C

Class Parents’ Jobs

  1. Prepare a class contact list

    Maintain and distribute a contact list for those in your child’s class: including names of children, parents/carers, phone numbers and email addresses
    – Permission needs to be sought from each family for their details to be circulated to the families in that class
    – To respect privacy, all emails should be Blind Copied (bcc)
    – Some Class Parents find using WhatsApp etc convenient. Please select a method to which all parents/carers have access, to receive communications.
    -> The class contact list can only used for school purposes to ensure Department of Education Privacy requirements are met. It is not to facilitate personal sharing which doesn’t originate from the school.

  2. Liaise between class teachers and parents/carers

    – Forward information from the class teacher to parents/carers
    – Explain or clarify, if required

  3. Recruit classroom helpers, as required

    Recruit parents/carers to help in the classroom and/or accompany classes on excursions, when requested by your class teacher
    – Assist in class eg reading groups, art classes etc

  4. Co-ordinate parents to assist with events

    A P&C Event Calendar is compiled at the beginning of each new school year and each Year group is allocated responsibility
    – The Class Parent helps find parents/carers to help coordinate the events eg organising catering, venue and activities etc for Fathers Day Breakfast (Year 2)
    – The P&C Event Liaison can provide information in the form of Checklists and experience to facilitate the organisation of these events
    -> This ensures requirements are met in relation to safety, health and insurance requirements. The P&C is always available to help and answer questions.

  5. Teacher Appreciation

    Facilitate ordering gifts and cards for World Teachers day, Christmas/End of Year, teacher’s birthday etc
    – Coordinate signing/designing of greeting cards etc by all class students
    – Often Class Parents ask for ONE donation from families, at the start of the year, to cover all of these gifts at once
    -> Suggest donation amounts to other parents in the class, organise collection and buy the gift (generally between $10-$20 per family per year).

  6. Support Mowbray families

    Organise casual, class social events such as parent morning teas, picnics, end of year dinners or class-wide playdates
    – Be aware that Mowbray Public School families are from diverse backgrounds and our social get-togethers should be inclusive of all
    – If possible, contact, welcome and assist any parents who are new to your class.

If you are interested in becoming a Class Parent, please advise your class teacher or contact us.