What We Do

At the start of the school year, the Mowbray Public School representatives and the P&C meet to discuss the annual Wishlist. These items are prioritised, discussed and voted on at P&C meetings.

How We Do It

The Mowbray P&C raises money via a variety of sources and P&C events throughout the year, including:

  • Fundraising events and activities
  • Uniform Shops
  • Voluntary P&C contributions (to enhance educational and sporting programs)
  • Voluntary Building Fund contributions (tax deductible)
    – established under the ‘Constitution of Mowbray Public School Building Fund’ in 2015, the fund was designed to assist with building costs, for the school, which were not covered by the Department of Education.

What Do We Spend the Money On?

In addition to any annual expenses, Wishlist items are discussed and agreed at regular Mowbray P&C meetings. Fundraising efforts have helped major purchases such as:

  • Contributed to air-conditioning for the new school buildings (Building Fund)
  • Sail shades over the Kindy classes (near the sound wall)
  • Sport banners / dance mirrors in the hall (in conjunction with dance families)
  • Directional repainting of the Cubbyhouse Car Park
  • Dishwasher, fridge, freezer, oven and stove-top for the canteen
  • Portable outdoor sound system
  • Laptops for classrooms
  • Updating of the Hall lighting system
  • 8ft netball / basketball tower
  • Time Teaching clocks for all classrooms
  • Hugues Sineux Mural for sound wall
  • Native plantings on “the Bank”
  • Mulga The Artist Mural 2022 (in conjunction with Mowbray PrimaryOshCare)

Mowbray Mural - Hugues Sineux

Year 6 Thank You Gift

It is customary for  Year 6  to donate a gift to the school each year.  Funds for this are partially raised from the Year 6 Fete, organised by the Year 6 children:

  • 2021 –
  • 2020 – Replacement of a wooden picnic tables (under the large, acorn tree)
  • 2019 – Upgrade to the School Hall sound system
  • 2018 – Upgrade to the School Hall sound system
  • 2017 – Four demountable gazebos, used for shade and weather cover at events
  • 2016 – The “Kiss n Ride” banner for the fence, at the front of the school
  • 2015 – The School Hall stage lectern

We welcome your input! If you have an idea for the ongoing Wishlist, please include the title, estimated cost and potential benefit to the school and email the P&C Secretary.

Mowbray Kiss and Ride banner