NEW UNIFORMS:  Pickles Schoolwear handles all new uniform sales and distribution. Head on over to the  Pickles Site!

2ND HAND UNIFORMS (Donate or Buy) – If you have any good, clean uniforms you no longer need, please consider donating them at the Office, for the P&C 2nd Hand Uniform Pop-up Shop. It’s a useful service for all Mowbray families and all sale proceeds will benefit Mowbray.

  • When – Once per term via Mowbray P&C (NOT Pickles Schoolwear)
  • Next Date – (Term 1) Friday 21 February 2020, after school, at the “Welcome BBQ”.
  • Cost – Depends. Cash only.
  • Conditions – Sales are final. Items are in ‘as is’ condition.
  • Unfortunately, there will be no facilities to try items on.