The Mowbray Strings Program has been in place at our school for 18 years, growing from a very small handful of students to more than 80 students today.  Children from Year 1 can enter the program, where they learn to play an instrument, read music, participate in an ensemble and develop an appreciation of music.

The rapidly growing Strings Program offers four ensembles. As part of an ensemble, the students have the chance to play with and listen to their peers in a fun and relaxed environment. This provides great motivation as well as socialisation across year groups, often leading to strong friendships.

Super Strings (Beginners)

Commences in Term 2 during the first year of learning an instrument. Musicianship is fostered as children master their new instrument, learn to read music and play music together as part of an ensemble.

Junior Strings (Intermediate)

Junior Strings will take graduates from Super Strings. This is a transitional ensemble, to prepare students for our advanced ensemble, Chamber Strings.

Chamber Strings (Advanced)

After one to two years in Junior Strings, students graduate into Chamber Strings. Children remain in Chamber Strings until they are at the standard required to graduate to Camerata.  

Camerata (Senior)

Camerata is Mowbray’s elite Strings ensemble. Entry to Camerata is open to students who have shown strong commitment to the Strings program and who are of a certain standard.

Ensemble Rehearsal times 

Ensemble When Leaders
Camerata Strings Mon  7:45 – 9am Shaun Ng
Junior Strings Tue    7:45 – 9am Shaun Ng
Chamber Strings    Wed   7:45 – 9am Shaun Ng
Super Strings (Terms 2-4) Mon 3:10-4:10pm Shaun Ng

Hiring Instruments

Violins, Violas, Cellos and Doublebass are available for hire through the Strings Program.

Strings Guidelines

Click here to read the latest Strings Guidelines.

Events and Performances

Each year the string ensembles have wonderful opportunities to perform on stage in the main Hall during special school events and at a recital evening. All string ensembles take part in a Weekend of Music which is an intensive two days of tutorials and rehearsing with a disco and concert at the end. Senior ensembles may participate in Eisteddfods and the String Festival of Instrumental Music.   

The Strings Committee

The Strings Committee is a voluntary group of parents that meets once per term to manage the running of the program and is in constant communication via email.   The Strings Committee comprises the following roles:

  • Strings Coordinator
  • Treasurer
  • Camerata  Stings Coordinator
  • Chamber Strings Coordinator  
  • Junior Strings Coordinator
  • Super Strings Coordinator (Terms 2-4)
  • Email/newsletter Communication  
  • Instrument Coordinator
  • Event Coordinator (Strings)

For more information about the Strings Program or if you would like to be involved in the Strings Committee please Email Us