At the beginning of the school year, the newly formed Year 3 social and fundraising committee and the P&C meet with the principal and talk through the teachers and parents wish list, and other suggestions of potential items, that the committee could target their fundraising towards.  These items are then prioritised.

At Mowbray, the community has determined several ongoing costs to support our children and families, these are:

  • Kindy Aide – Supporting the Kindergarten teachers in the classroom doing preparation, sight works, reading, etc.
  • Reading Aide – Supporting students who are behind in their literacy skills and providing extra support to teachers
  • Support Teacher – Supporting students who are behind in their literacy and numeracy skills and providing extra support to teachers
  • Take Home Readers – Ensuring there are enough readers for the children as the school numbers increase.

In addition to the ongoing costs, the fundraising efforts have helped major purchases such as:

  • Air-conditioning for the new school
  • Sail shades over the kindy classes
  • Sport banners / Dance mirrors in the hall (w/ dance families)
  • Directional repainting of the Cubbyhouse Car Park
  • Dishwasher, oven and stove top in the canteen
  • Outdoor sound system
  • Laptops for the classroom

The complete DRAFT of the Mowbray funding wish list can be found here.

Thank You Gift! – But, it doesn’t end there. It is also customary for  Year 6  to donate a gift to the school each year.  Funds for this are raised from lunch orders during the sports carnival plus the Year 6 Fete, organised by the Year 6 children.  Much appreciated items have been:

  • 2017 – 4 gazebos to be used for shade and weather cover at events 
  • 2016 –  The Kiss n Drop banner out the front of the school 
  • 2015  – The lectern on the stage  in the hall 

We welcome your input! If you have an idea for the wish list, please include the title, estimated cost and potential benefit to the school and email the P&C Secretary.