P&C Meetings

When Do We Meet?

Mowbray P&C meetings are held, twice a term, in the Mowbray Public School Library. P&C meetings are open to everyone and follow a formal Agenda. Financial Members vote on each agenda item and discuss any new issues that arise. Our Principal provides insight and information about school matters and provides feedback to those in attendance.

2021 Mowbray P&C Meeting Dates

Term 1 – Tuesday 16 February and Tuesday 16 March (AGM)
Term 2 – Tuesday 4 May and Tuesday 8 June
Term 3 – Tuesday 27 July and Tuesday 31 August
Term 4 – Tuesday 19 October and Tuesday 23 November

There are a few ways to participate in Mowbray P&C meetings. Read more about joining the P&C:

  1. attend the meetings as an observer (no voting rights)
  2. attend the meetings as a Financial Member (with voting rights)
  3. nominate for a position in the Executive Committee Member and assume a role in the running of our P&C association (with voting rights).

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