P&C Executive Roles

Duties of the Mowbray Public School P&C Executive

Office bearers are elected at the Mowbray Parents and Citizen’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) in March each year.  The maximum term for each position in the Mowbray P&C Executive committee is three years and each standing executive needs to be re-elected each year until their maximum term is up.


The President has a responsibility to ensure the successful functioning of the P&C, the attainment of its objectives, the responsibility to foster fair participation of all members and consistent adherence to the constitution. The President, as the name implies, presides at all meetings of the P&C and Executive Committee. The President also has important duties outside of meetings. The President may represent the P&C at official function and act as the P&C spokesperson when public statement or actions are appropriate. The President is an ex-officio member of all sub-committees. The President also, on a rotational basis with the Vice Presidents, attends School Council meetings.

Vice Presidents

The Vice Presidents are required to take on any Presidential duties defined above when invited to do so by the President or when the President is unable to undertake these duties. If for any reason the President’s office falls vacant, one of the Vice Presidents will act as interim President until a new one is elected. The Vice Presidents will also undertake the following duties:

  • Collection and collation of sub-committee reports prior to each General Meeting
  • Co-ordinate and marketing of school events
  • Alternate roster between President and two Vice Presidents to attend School Council meetings
  • General support and assistance of P&C, staff and school community


The Treasurer is responsible for sound financial management of the P&C. The Treasurer shall receive and deposit monies, maintain records, draw cheques and present accounts at each General Meeting; present all records for auditing each year and shall hand over records to the incoming Treasurer on relinquishing office. The requirements for handling money, keeping records etc in the School Manual on financial management shall be followed.


The Secretary prepares, in consultation with the President, all meeting agenda. The Secretary ensures that notice is provided of upcoming meetings to all P&C members. The Secretary shall attend meetings, keep a record of all business conducted and prepare minutes for subsequent distribution to members. The Secretary also receives and distributes all incoming correspondence and writes and sends all outgoing correspondence. The Secretary shall hand over all records and minutes to the incoming Secretary on relinquishing office.

More information on these roles and the roles of the P&C can be obtained from the Federation of Parents and Citizens Associations of New South Wales.

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Previous P&C Executives

YearPresidentVice PresidentVice PresidentTreasurerSecretary
2021Aly RichardsCristina VillamayorDi de BelinRachel Johnson-KellyJune Banerjee
2020Matthew HodgkissLuana SandroneAly RichardsRodrigo Contreras
2019Matthew HodgkissLuana SandroneNatalie YatesSara Geo
2018Matthew HodgkissLuana SandroneJulie CampbellNatalie YatesCindy Raikabula
2017Craig CampbellAndrew MoseyRanald McGregorNatalie YatesSusannah Miller
2016Craig CampbellAndrew MoseyMelinda McLellanMark YatesSusannah Miller
2015Vanessa RenggerTureia SampleClinton KrecichwostJenny BertholdSusannah Miller
2014Vanessa RenggerMaureen KnoxClinton KrecichwostJenny BertholdMelinda McLellan
2013Vanessa RenggerKaren BealbyClinton KrecichwostJenny BertholdMelinda McLellan
2012Debbie GroarkeKaren BealbySam MontanoMelinda McLellanFiona Gluvchinsky
2011?Jarita BanerjeeSam MontanoCate ParsonsFiona Gluvchinsky
2010Liz FosterJarita BanerjeeSam MontanoCate ParsonsFiona Gluvchinsky