Mowbray Advantages


There are a few advantages to being part of the Mowbray Public School community, including access to :

  • Mowbray Public School Families and Friends and Mowbray Classifieds
    – join the Mowbray Public School Families and Friends private Facebook Group and you will, automatically, be given access to Mowbray Classifieds.  Here you can buy/sell/trade limited items with other Mowbray families (eg musical instruments, proper dance gear (not play dress-ups), costumes for Book Week etc, BYOD and sports equipment). No uniform sales.
    -> You will be asked to provide your name, email address and child’s name/class – please answer all questions. This information will be verified with school records, before you are given access, and will not be retained.
    -> Parents/carers of next year’s new Kindy students will be invited to join this group from Term 4 of the year before they start, at the final Kindy Orientation.
    Mowbray P&C Facebook Group Mowbray P&C Classifieds
  • Say You’re From Mowbray
    – Opportunities for local community businesses to engage with our school by offering a month-long deal eg “% of your order will be donated to Mowbray”, 50c from each coffee will be donated to Mowbray. These will be advertised in the School Newsletter and P&C social media etc.
    Say you're from Mowbray
  • Mowbray Community Business Directory (MCBD)
    – Mowbray families offering special deals to other Mowbray families and staff via a private Directory.  See the School Newsletter for the link.