Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Our P&C
    – who, what and how of Mowbray P&C
  2. Kindy Hints and Tips
  3. Traffic and Parking around Mowbray
    – Kiss & Ride/School Zones/Parking
  4. General School information
    – uniforms, lunch orders, Student Opal cards, Bus Apps etc
  5. Lost Property
  6. A-Z of Mowbray
  7. School Labels and ‘Entertainment Membership’ Fundraising
  8. Around the School


1. Our P&C

  1. I would like to be involved with my child’s school! How do I do it?
    – Attend a Mowbray Public School P&C meeting and make yourself known to the friendly, passionate parents/carers!
    – There are many opportunities to get involved with the school, but you can also get involved by joining the P&C as a member or Executive Committee member or just attending meetings.
  2. What does P&C stand for?
    – Parents and Citizens.
    – Check out some information about our P&C here
  3. Who is on the P&C committee now?
    – Keep an eye out for the P&C Executive members at the Welcome BBQ (they will be wearing badges).
  4. How do I contact the P&C
    – Contact us
  5. How will I receive information about the P&C?
    – Mowbray P&C communicates with the school families in a number of ways: Emails, School Stream but also in the School Newsletter “P&C Picks”, Class Parents, Facebook Group, Facebook and Instagram Pages, Mowbray Environmental Noticeboard (just inside the main, Mowbray Road entrance to the school) and our website.
  6. Does the P&C use social media?
    – Yes, you can communicate with our whole school community using Mowbray Public School Families and Friends Facebook GROUP
    – You will be asked to provide your name, email address and child’s name/class to be given access to this group.  As expected, this information will be verified with school records, before you are given access. This information will not be retained.
    – We also run a small presence on Instagram and Facebook for the local community or interested parties.
  7. My child doesn’t attend Mowbray yet, how to I keep in touch and meet other families?
    – We have a Mowbray Families & Friends Facebook PAGE and Instagram account for people who plan to send their child(ren) to Mowbray or who live in the local community. Keep informed about local community events at Mowbray eg Election Day BBQs, and Celebrate Mowbray.


2. Kindy Hints and Tips

  1. What do I need to know about Mowbray Public School?
    – Welcome to Mowbray! Mowbray Parents/Carers have collated a series of Mowbray Newbies <HINTS AND TIPS> just for Kindy parents/carers.
    – Stuff you may have not considered before now. We have all been in your shoes.
  2. How can I get to know other parents/carers in my child’s new Kindy Class?
    Class Parents are an important way to meet other Kindy families and find out what is happening in Kindy.
    -> Please add your name to the P&C class list, at the start of the year.
  3. How can I meet other parents/carers at Mowbray Public School?
    – The P&C has an annual Welcome BBQ for new families, attended by all years and P&C members
    -> You can find out about the many social and fundraising opportunities at Mowbray by checking our annual P&C Event Calendar
  4. How can I communicate with all of the parent/carers on Mowbray Socials?
    – You can communicate with our whole school community in our Facebook Group (Mowbray Public School Families and Friends) and ask questions or share information with other Mowbray parents/carers about school matters (this topic is extensive, but does have it’s limits!).
    -> You will be asked to provide your name, email address and child’s name/class to be given access to this group.  Please provide all of the information required. This information will be verified with school records, before you are given access. This information will not be retained.
    -> Parents/carers of next year’s new Kindy students will be invited to join this group from Term 4 of the year before they start, at the final Kindy Orientation.
    –  We also have a  Mowbray Families & Friends Facebook PAGE and Instagram account for community members.
  5. Do you have Buy-Sell opportunities at Mowbray?
    – We have a Buy/Sell Facebook group to sell Music (instruments and original sheet music), sport and dance gear (proper stuff not dress-ups), BYOD devices, good quality books for primary school students and Book Week costumes. We do not allow the sale of school uniforms. Access is automatic, once you have been been given access to the main Facebook Group.
    – Second Hand uniforms are able to be purchased from our 2nd Hand Uniform Popup Shop, once a term


3. Traffic and Parking around Mowbray Public School

  1. ALL kids at Mowbray are important
    – Please ensure you concentrate when looking for parking or watching your child walk into the school grounds. We have seen a few near misses as parents watch their own child, but not others. Kids can jump out very quickly. They may be walking, running, scootering, riding bicycles etc.
  2. Please use Pedestrian crossings
    – Located in Hatfield Street and the traffic lights on Mowbray Road.
  3. What is the KISS & RIDE zone in front of the school? How do I use it?
    – The Kiss & Ride is a dropoff and pickup area only.
    – Drop off: 8:00 to 9:30am / Pick up: 2:30 to 4:00pm.

    – You can stay for a maximum of 2 minutes. TWO minutes.
    – The driver must remain in or within 3 metres of vehicle. THREE metres.

    – Rangers patrol this area and parents/carers have been fined (it’s a few hundred dollars!)
    -> If you need more time, please leave the area and return, or park elsewhere. Really.

    How to use the Zone: pull into the Zone queue and move to the Top of the Zone (toward Cubbyhouse). This will ensure as many cars as possible can wait safely. As the kids are collected, please move forward or hop into empty spaces, to ensure the queue moves safely. Please be considerate of other parents/carers.

  4. Where can I park safely?
    – Parking on Mowbray Road and surrounding streets can be problematic. Construction in the local area makes parking difficult, at times.
    – There is a lot of unrestricted parking in Hart, Farran and Ulm Streets – you can access the school via the Hatfield Street entrance.
    – Willandra Street, Mindarie Street and Mowbray Road have limited, but time-limited, parking.
  5. Can I use the Cubbyhouse carpark, off Hatfield Street?
    – Cubbyhouse carpark is predominantly for the use of Cubbyhouse staff and long daycare families.
    -> A drop-off zone exists within this area BUT please note the directional signage and adhere to it (stick to the LEFT)

    – Please do not park in the Cubbyhouse turning circle. There are several spots nearby where you can drop off your child safely
    – Please do not park in the Cubbyhouse Staff Parking
    – Please do not park in the Disabled Parking unless you hold a Permit
    – If you plan to go into the school, you will need to park elsewhere.
  6. Can I use the Teachers carpark in Willandra Street?
    – No. It is only for teachers and staff to park. You should not walk through the carpark.
    -> Please enter the school via the Mowbray Road or Hatfield Street entrances.
  7. What are School Zones?
    – Please take note of the School Zones around the school (40km/h limit – in operation between from 8am-9:30am THEN 2:30pm-4pm).
    -> Please note, School Zones are in operation even if it is a pupil-free day (teachers only at school).


4. General School Information

  1. What are Mowbray Public School hours?
    – Standard schools hours are 9:10am-3:10pm
    – Please ensure your child(ren) are not left at school, unattended.
    -> Two before and out of school hours carers are available onsite (Cubby OOSH and PrimarycareOSH)
  2. What time are children supervised in the morning, before school?
    – Morning supervision commences at 8:40am. Please ensure your child(ren) are not left at school, unattended.
  3. What bus goes to/from Mowbray?
    – The Mowbray bus is currently 683w (to and from Chatswood Station to Mowbray Public School)
    Location and transport information
  4. Is there a Bus App we can use to monitor school buses?
    – Yes, a common one used is TripView (or TripView Lite).
    -> Please ensure you download the “School Bus” Timetables in the “Maps” section, to ensure you can find the timetables.
  5. How do I get a school buspass/Student Opal card?
    – Click for Opal school buspass information
  6. What time are meal breaks at Mowbray?
    – Approximately 10am is “Crunch and Sip”: a quick, small snack eaten in the classroom) / Recess 11:10am and Lunch is 1pm – kids are given 10 minutes head-start at the start of lunch to eat, before they rush around and play!
  7. How do I order lunches at Mowbray?
    – We don’t have a traditional Canteen at Mowbray but you can order Lunch Orders here using Flexischools.
    – Parents/carers can assist in the Canteen, by sorting Lunch Orders for distribution.
  8. What is Flexischools? Do I need an account?
    Flexischools is the standard P&C App/website used for booking P&C events and paying for lunch orders. Cash is not accepted.
  9. When are school holidays?
    NSW School and Public Holidays
    – Pupil free days (aka School Development Days) usually occur once per term. Usually at the start of Term 1-3 and the end of Term 4.
  10. Where can I buy new uniforms at Mowbray Public School?
    Pickles is our new uniform vendor, managed by Mowbray P&C. They have a small outlet onsite (for try-on bookings only) but purchases should be made online.
    – Orders are delivered to classrooms for free. Exchanges happened via the School Office. Home delivery is available for a postage fee.
  11. Where can I buy 2nd Hand/Used school uniforms at Mowbray Public School?
    – Second hand school uniforms are available at the Mowbray P&C “2nd Hand Uniform Popup Shop” (once per term).
  12. Where can I sell 2nd Hand/Used school uniforms?
    – Mowbray P&C does not offer a facility to sell uniforms BUT you can donate any items at the School Office for our 2nd Hand Uniform Popup. All profits benefit the school.
  13. In which terms are the different, seasonal uniforms worn at Mowbray Public School?
    – Summer uniform is worn Terms 1 and 4. Winter uniform is worn Terms 2 and 3.
  14. What colour socks and/or stockings do the kids wear?
    – In Summer, socks for all kids are white
    – In Winter, the Girls Winter tunic is accompanied by black stockings.
    -> Pickles Schoolwear has a catalogue of school uniform items, if you need to check.
  15. I have a GREAT idea for an event at Mowbray Public School!
    – Contact the Mowbray P&C. We can help steer you in the right direction or help you organise your idea. Ideas can come from anyone.
  16. Does the school support any charities?
    – At various time, the school or Mowbray P&C may arrange activities to support charities.
    – The Mowbray P&C is a not-for-profit and is here to predominantly support the school so any work with charities will be made abundantly clear to parents/carers and separate from any P&C activities.
  17. What is a Working with Children Check?
    – To volunteer at Mowbray Public School, you will need to hold the relevant Working with Children Check (WWCC) clearance. This may be:
    -> A. your existing, current WWCC Certificate (with an allocated, official number) or
    -> B. Working with Declaration. These forms are updated regularly. Please contact the school office for the most recent form.
  18. I am experiencing financial hardship and cannot pay school fees, contributions etc
    – Please contact the school as you may be eligible for assistance.
  19. I am having trouble communicating with staff at Mowbray
    – The Mowbray Public School website is available in many different languages. Please select the language you find most comfortable from the top of the website.
    – Interpreter services are available, if required.


5. Lost Property

  1. Where do I find the Lost Property at Mowbray Public School?
    – The Lost Property buckets are: under the blue stairs (near Cubbyhouse) but items can also be found in CubbyOOSH, PrimaryOSHCare, classrooms and, sometimes, near GPA Tennis and the Music Centre.
    -> Please note, for various reasons, not all lost items are found. Yes, it can be frustrating.
  2. Do I have to label all of my child’s items?
    – You have a better chance of finding your lost property, if it is labelled clearly (not with faded marker, scribble, faded labels or old names).
    – Lost Property is collected and sorted by the SRC regularly. Labelled items are returned to students but unlabelled or illegibly-labelled items are sent to the 2nd Hand Uniform Popup Shop for re-sale (profits to the school)
    – Lost, illegibly-labelled lunchboxes and drink bottles are thrown away, if not collected, within a few days. This is a hygiene issue.
  3. Where do I put ‘found’ items?
    – Put them in the Lost Property buckets under the blue stairs
    – Please give valuable items to the School Office.


6. A-Z of Mowbray

  1. I’m new at Mowbray Public School, what do I need to know?
    – This A-Z of Mowbray list was written by the school with input by parents/carers and contains information about:
    Common school acronyms, External activities at Mowbray, Lunch orders, Awards, OOSH, Comms etc


7. School Labels and Entertainment Membership Fundraising

  1. Does the school receive any commission from any label services?
    – Yes. If you are looking at buying school labels, please consider buying from Bright Stars Kids, as the P&C will receive a percentage of the profit.
  2. Does the school sell Entertainment memberships?
    – Yes. Click to purchase, using the Mowbray code.


8. Around the School

  1. How do I book the Mowbray Public School tennis courts?
    – The courts are managed by GPA Tennis. Please contact them for any court bookings or coaching queries.
  2. Who owns the Mowbray oval/field?
    – The Department of Education owns the whole Mowbray Public School site, including the oval/field, staff and OOSH parking lots, tennis courts, school grounds, cricket cages and both Mowbray OOSH sites.
    -> Willoughby City Council manages the oval/field’s care and takes bookings for organised sporting activities on the oval/field and cricket cages. Please contact them to book organised sporting activities.
  3. Can I book the Mowbray Public School Hall?
    – Please contact the school directly to discuss. The School Hall is already booked for regular activities. They, generally, don’t take bookings for kids birthday parties etc. Bookings cannot interfere with organised Mowbray events.