The Fundraising Committee organises events and activities which address the twin objectives of having fun together and raising money for our school. The P&C is instrumental in providing additional funds to support our growing school. Without these funds and community support, we would not be able to support the growing needs of our school.  We work towards gaining addition funds through a variety of avenues.

Who Are We?

Traditionally, Year 3 parents/carers take responsibility for leading the primary fundraising activities within the school. The logic behind this is that, by Year 3, parents/carers are generally familiar with how the school works, have probably attended one or more events, and their children still have enough years left at the school to benefit from the hard work of their parents/carers raising funds.

Our annual events are listed in the P&C Event Calendar.

Ongoing Fundraising

Parents/carers and friends can assist Mowbray through utilising the following businesses, which provide commission or supplies back to our school.

Bright Star KidsIf using Bright Star Kids for your school labels, please nominate “Mowbray Public School” at the Checkout (under “Link a Fundraising Account”). Our P&C earns 15% from each order.
Scholasatic Book Club LOOPScholastic Book Club – Whenever you purchase, the school is given points toward buying educational resources. Scholastic Book Club catalogues are periodically sent home with your child.
Entertainment MembershipEntertainment Membership – Get over $20,000 worth of valuable offers for hotels and resorts, travel, attractions, dining, shopping and more. Plus, we will receive 20% of every membership sold. Books available from the school Office or Digitally!

Tax Deductible Donations

Donations to the following have a Deductible Gift Recipient status from the Australian Tax Office:   

  • Mowbray Public School Building Fund – Used to specifically fund acquisition, construction and maintenance of school buildings, fixtures and fittings. Also, great for corporations and individuals that want to donate $100 or more directly to the school.  Email the P&C Treasurer  for transfer details and receipt collection.
  • Mowbray Public School Library – Used solely to improve the range of Library facilities: including books, technology, and multi-media.
  • Make your Mark – You can have your child’s name or drawing engraved on a brick. These commemorative bricks are situated in the amphitheatre. This offering is only available every few years. 

Mowbray Fundraising