P&C Event Calendar

An annual list of Mowbray Public School P&C events.

WhenEventTimeTermWeekOrganising GroupMain ContactEvent Type
Friday 4 February 2021Bushcare@Mowbray3:15pmTerm 1Week 3Willoughby City CouncilMowbray Bushcare Group
Janet 9777 7875
Tuesday 16 February 2021P&C Meeting7:30pmTerm 1Week 4P&Csecretary@mowbraypandc.org.auMeeting
Friday 19 February 2021Welcome BBQ3:30pmTerm 1Week 4Year 1 Parents/Carersvicepresident@mowbraypandc.org.auCommunity
Friday 19 February 20212nd Hand Uniform Popup Shop3:30pmTerm 1Week 4P&C Environment & Sustainability (E&S)2ndhanduniforms@mowbraypandc.org.auCommunity
Friday 5 March 2021Bushcare@Mowbray3:15pmTerm 1Week 6Willoughby City CouncilMowbray Bushcare Group
Janet 9777 7875
Tuesday 16 March 2021P&C Meeting7:30pmTerm 1Week 8P&Csecretary@mowbraypandc.org.auMeeting
Saturday 20 March 2021Strings KickstartTerm 1Week 8P&C Stringsstrings@mowbraypandc.org.auMusic
Saturday 20 March-21 March 2021Edible Garden TrailTerm 1Week 8P&C E&Ssustainability@mowbraypandc.org.auCommunity
Saturday 27 March 2021Band KickstartTerm 1Week 9P&C Bandband@mowbraypandc.org.auMusic
Tuesday 30 March 2021Chocolate RaffleTerm 1Week 10Fundraising Year 3 Teamfundraising@mowbraypandc.org.auFundraising
Tuesday 4 May 2021P&C Meeting7:30pmTerm 2Week 3P&Csecretary@mowbraypandc.org.auMeeting
Friday 7 May 2021Mothers Day Breakfast7:30-9:30amTerm 2Week 3Year 2 Parents/Carersvicepresident@mowbraypandc.org.auCommunity
Friday 7 May 20212nd Hand Uniforms Pop Up ShopTerm 2Week 3P&C E&S2ndhanduniforms@mowbraypandc.org.auCommunity
Friday 7 May 2021Bushcare@Mowbray3:15pmTerm 2Week 3Willoughby City CouncilMowbray Bushcare Group
Janet 9777 7875
Saturday-Sunday 29-30 May 2021Weekend of MusicTBCTerm 2Week 6P&C Musicstrings@mowbraypandc.org.au
Friday 4 June 2021Bushcare@Mowbray3:15pmTerm 2Week 7Willoughby City CouncilMowbray Bushcare Group
Janet 9777 7875
Tuesday 8 June 2021P&C Meeting7:30pm onlineTerm 2Week 8P&Csecretary@mowbraypandc.org.auMeeting
Saturday 24 July 2021Adult Fundraising EventCancelledTerm 3Week 2Fundraising Year 3 Teamfundraising@mowbraypandc.org.auFundraising
Tuesday 27 July 2021P&C Meeting7:30pm onlineTerm 3Week 3P&Csecretary@mowbraypandc.org.auMeeting
Wednesday 28 July 20213-6 Athletics Carnival (Catering only)TBCTerm 3Week 3Year 6 Parents/Carersvicepresident@mowbraypandc.org.auCommunity
Tuesday 31 August 2021P&C Meeting7:30pm onlineTerm 3Week 8P&Csecretary@mowbraypandc.org.auMeeting
Friday 3 September 2021Fathers Day Breakfast7:30-9:30am CancelledTerm 3Week 8Year 2 Parents/Carersvicepresident@mowbraypandc.org.auCommunity
Friday 3 September 20212nd Hand Uniforms Popup ShopCancelledTerm 3Week 8P&C E&S2ndhanduniforms@mowbraypandc.org.auCommunity
Friday 3 September 2021Bushcare@Mowbray3:15pm CancelledTerm 3Week 8Willoughby City CouncilMowbray Bushcare Group
Janet 9777 7875
Wednesday 8 September 2021Kindy Orientation 1TBCTerm 3Week 9SchoolNew Kindy
Friday 10 September 2021Colour ExplosionPostponedTerm 3Week 9Fundraising Year 3 Teamfundraising@mowbraypandc.org.auFundraising
Friday 1 October 2021Bushcare@Mowbray3:15pmTerm 3Willoughby City CouncilMowbray Bushcare Group
Janet 9777 7875
Wednesday 13 October 2021Kindy Orientation 2TBCTerm 4Week 2SchoolNew Kindy
Tuesday 19 October 2021P&C Meeting7:30pm onlineTerm 4Week 3P&Csecretary@mowbraypandc.org.auMeeting
Wednesday 20 October 2021Kindy Orientation 3
(Morning Tea)
TBCTerm 4Week 3Kindy Parents/CarersKindy
Wednesday 20 October 20212nd Hand Uniforms Popup ShopTBCTerm 4Week 3P&C E&S2ndhanduniforms@mowbraypandc.org.auKindy Community
Friday 22 October 2021World Teachers Day Lunch (Staff only)Postponed TBCTerm 4Week 3K-6 Parents/Carersvicepresident@mowbraypandc.org.auCommunity
Friday 29 October 2021Performing Arts Night (PAN) (catering only)TBCTerm 4Week 4P&C Music Committeestrings@mowbraypandc.org.au
Friday 5 November 2021Bushcare@Mowbray3:15pm TBCTerm 4Week 5Willoughby City CouncilMowbray Bushcare Group
Janet 9777 7875
Saturday 6-7 November 2021Family Portraits PhotographySignup Genius scheduleTerm 4Week 5Fundraising Year 3 Teamfundraising@mowbraypandc.org.auFundraising
Thursday-Saturday 11-13 November 2021
Music TourTBCTerm 4Week 6P&C Music (Performance Groups only)strings@mowbraypandc.org.au
Friday 19 November 2021Year 6 Mini FeteTBCTerm 4Week 7Year 6 StudentsFundraising
Tuesday 23 November 2021P&C Meeting7:30pm onlineTerm 4Week 8P&Csecretary@mowbraypandc.org.auMeeting
Friday 3 December 2021Bushcare@Mowbray3:15pm TBCTerm 4Week 9Willoughby City CouncilMowbray Bushcare Group
Janet 9777 7875
Saturday 4 December 2021Local Election Day BBQTBCTerm 4Week 9Fundraising Year 3 Teamfundraising@mowbraypandc.org.auFundraising
Thursday 9 December 2021Year 6 FarewellTerm 4Week 10Year 5 Parents/Carersvicepresident@mowbraypandc.org.auCommunity
Friday 10 December 2021Colour ExplosionTerm 4Week 10Fundraising Year 3 Teamfundraising@mowbraypandc.org.auFundraising
Saturday 11 December 2021CarolsTBCTerm 4Week 10Year 4 Parents/Carersvicepresident@mowbraypandc.org.auCommunity
OngoingBright Star KidsMiscOngoingFundraising Year 3 Teamfundraising@mowbraypandc.org.auFundraising
OngoingEntertainment BookMiscOngoingFundraising Year 3 Teamfundraising@mowbraypandc.org.auFundraising
Mowbray Public School P&C Event Calendar (by Term)