Class Parents

The class parents play an essential liaison role between teachers, parents, the school and the P&C. This is a fun and interactive role. A great way to get to know your child’s class, your teacher and being involved in the Mowbray School community.

What does being a class parent involve?

Each year at Mowbray is allocated certain events throughout the year which is the responsibility of the Class Parents of that year to take charge and assist the school and P&C in co-ordinating these events. This involves:

  • Being the liaison person between your teacher and your class.
  • Disseminating information to the parents in your class.
  • Facilitating social events for your class and helping families get to know each other.
  • Organising and co-ordinating parents for catering and assistance at school and P&C events.

What might I be asked to do?

Prepare a class contact list

Maintain and distribute a contact list for those in your child’s class including names of children and parents, phone numbers and email addresses.

Permission needs to be sought from each family for their details to be placed on the list which is then circulated to the families of children in that class. Blind Copy (BCC) all emails to respect everyone’s privacy. Please ensure that the class contact list is only used for school purposes. This ensures that the DOE Privacy requirements are met. (this list should not be used for facilitating information not originated from the school, individual parties or individual agendas)

Work with the Class Teacher to recruit classroom helpers as required

  • Recruit parents to help in the classroom (reading, maths, etc).
  • Recruit parents to accompany the class on an excursion.
  • Assist in special projects.  e.g. by sharing skills and expertise.

Co-ordinate parents to assist in events/functions hosted by your year or stage

A list of events is put together at the beginning of each new school year. This will detail what your year is responsible for and when this event is taking place. It is the responsibility of the Class Parents to work together to ensure these events run smoothly.

The P&C Committee assist Class Parents to organise the catering and where required the venue and activities for certain events. This ensures that requirements are met in relation to safety, health and insurance requirements. The P&C is always available to help and field questions.

Teacher Appreciation

  • Facilitate ordering gifts and cards for World Teachers day and End of Year. 
  • Suggesting donation amounts to the other parents in the class, organising collection and buying the gift. (generally between $10-$20 per family per year)

Support families at Mowbray

  • Organise class get-togethers from time to time such as parent morning teas, picnics, end of year dinners. Be aware that Mowbray Public School families are from diverse backgrounds and our social get-togethers should be inclusive of all.
  • If possible, contact, welcome and assist any parents who are new to the school.