Mowbray Carols is an annual tradition at Mowbray Public School, for Mowbray kids, staff and families. It takes place around the first Saturday of December – often with a special visit from Santa! Every two years, Carols is integrated into our larger, community event, Celebrate Mowbray! Check the current Event Calendar for date details.

Volunteer Choir Coordinator

Leading up to Carols, a parent/carer volunteers to run the three kids’ choirs, with a team of helpful volunteers. They select the carols, conduct the kids and music, organise the dance/hand movements, suggest the Chrismassy costumes and ensure the kids know the lyrics! There is, usually, a series of three practise sessions where this can all be refined.

On the day, whether the carols are refined or not, families and friends sit around and share food, fun and Christmassy joy! A great event to close the year! Ho Ho Ho!

Mowbray Carols