President’s Message

Matt Hodgkiss

Hi, Thanks for visiting the P&C website. I’m Matt, my wife Christine and I have 2 children at Mowbray (Ella in yr 5 and Josh in yr 3). I joined the P&C in the final months of 2017 not knowing too much about how things worked and it was quite an experience.

Let me share the two most prominent things I have learnt. Firstly, a lot of effort goes in behind the scenes from the school admin through to the volunteers and P&C. Not just in the monthly meeting but constant email and schoolyard discussions. Secondly, there a lot of genuinely curious parents who have constructive ideas and questions but don’t know enough about how the P&C works to contribute effectively (much like I was myself until November 2017).

I think its important that we try and bring those two things together a bit more. The parents and citizens (P&C) at Mowbray are a great vehicle to get more involved in the schools’ activities and plans. We are involved in a range of things, including school fundraising, music programs and running the uniform shop, to name just a few. More importantly, we are a bridge to the school and department administrations to present ideas and concerns on any other aspects of the school.

However, for the P&C to be able to properly represent the school community we need to be supported by as wide a range of stakeholders as possible. We really do understand that everyone is busy and that different people feel comfortable contributing in different ways. That is why we have tried to make it as easy as possible for you.

  • The P&C have a formal meeting at the school library twice a term. The meeting runs through a formal agenda and we action/vote on each item and discuss any new issues that come up (assuming we have time). This meeting is open to everyone and we urge you all to come along and have a look.
  • Get involved by joining one of the school committees, becoming a class parent, helping out at the canteen, or uniform shop.
  • Visit us on the Mowbray Public School Families & Friends facebook page to get the latest news updates and join in related discussions. (This is a private forum so you will have to answer a few questions to verify yourself).

So welcome to the P&C website. Take a look around and if you find something of interest, reach out to one of us. If you see us around the school, feel free to introduce yourself and discuss any aspect of the school that you are interested in. If you can, get involved. Either way, we’d love to hear from you.

Matt Hodgkiss
Mowbray Public School P&C